Drivers Wanted

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Encore Labor Day 2014 presentation on PBS World Channel's American ReFramed.

09/02 8PM, 09/03 12 AM 8AM 2PM, 09/06 10PM, 09/07 3 AM 9AM 5PM

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"There’s an authenticity to "Drivers Wanted" that seems so true and tough that it overwhelms any standard immigrants-up-from-their-bootstraps theme." - NY TIMES "Full of Wacky Jewish Humor" - EU OSHA “If you get a chance to see DRIVERS WANTED – do it! It’s charming, it’s touching, it’s real, it’s New York!” – Planet Chocko


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The New York street system consists of 6174 miles of mostly asphalt roads and legend has it that a real yellow cab driver knows this jungle like the back of his hand. The filmmakers Jean Tsien and Joshua Weinstein mixed with the colourful community of drivers, mechanics and office clerks working for a long-established taxi company in Queens to document that the original ideal of the common man’s Big Apple is still very much alive and present in this slightly seedy enterprise. They avoided the trap of producing a simple assertion of an idyllic or even paradisiacal situation, opting instead for a highly enjoyable demonstration of that unspectacular and delightful feeling described by Hemingway when he remembered an encounter with some craftsmen during a stay in Paris in the 1920s: “It was easier to think if I was walking and doing something or seeing people doing something that they understood.“ What’s left? The certainty that it can’t hurt to feel grateful for little things occasionally.  – Ralph Eue (DOK Leipzig Programmer)


TAXI PARKING LOT EVENT featuring Taxi Yoga and Spider NYC's oldest taxi driver 09/07/13 8pm (rain date 09/08) 45-16 VERNON BLVD, LIC, NY BOSTON UNIVERSITY 03/29/13 7PM SEBASTOPOL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL 03/23/13 7PM BIG SKY DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL 02/20/13 NEW YORK CITY THEATRICAL RELEASE RERUN GASTROPUB THEATER 11/30/12 - 12/06/12 147 FRONT STREET BROOKLYN NY 11/30/12 7PM; Join us for a screening followed by what promises to be a lively discussion about taxi driver and passenger concerns. Topics to include an explanation why the industry struggled so much during and after Hurricane Sandy, what's really behind trip refusals, side effects of long-term driving and tales of tipping. The panel, moderated by WNYC reporter Kathleen Horan features a range of taxi insiders. It includes one of NYC's oldest cabbies, an industry lobbyist, member(s) of the Taxi Workers Alliance, and Drivers Wanted director Joshua Z Weinstein. DOC NYC 11/11/12  IFC CENTER, NY 2PM SOUTHERN CIRCUIT ARTS TOUR 11/05/12  CITY OF SUWANEE  SUWANEE, GA 11/06/12  MADISON MORGAN CULTURAL CENTER  MADISON, GA 11/08/12  CAPRI THEATRE MONTGOMERY, AL 11/09/12  GREATER GALLATIN, INC  GALLATIN, TN 11/13/12  TUPELO FILM COMMISSION  TUPELO, MS 11/14/12  LSU UNION THEATER  BATON ROUGE, LA 11/15/12  HELSEY INSTITUTE OF ART  CHARLESTON, SC DOK LEIPZIG, GERMANY 11/01/12  CINÉMATHÈQUE LEIPZIG 10PM 11/02/12  PASSAGE KINOS UNIVERSUM 10AM 11/03/12  PASSAGE KINOS FILMECK 2:30PM WORLD PREMIERE SILVERDOCS 06/20/12 8PM 06/22/12 9PM